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Professional Chimney repointing and repairs in North London

Complete chimney repairs by the professionals 

Your chimney is one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof because of it's positioning and exposure to the harsh weather we get in the UK. Therefore, it's important to make sure that it's looked after, otherwise, the mortar and brickwork may deteriorate so much that it falls down or the lead flashing around the chimney base may fail and let water leak in.

If you've noticed that your chimney is in need of repointing or repairing then don't delay in contacting us. 

We'll carry out a full survey to determine what work needs to be done. If the chimney stack needs to be taken down then we can safely do this. 



Our professional chimney service includes: 

  • Chimney repointing and replacing.
  • Safe chimney removals if needed. 
  • New chimney rebuilds. 
  • Gas cowl fitting.
  • Lead step flashing, saddle flashings, lead soakers.
  • All brickwork, mortar joints, rendering, flaunching, and coping stone replacement.
  • Cap and cowl installation.